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DESIGN PACKAGING vs BEAUTY.Treat Yourself WELL its Sunday.

 Sunday.The day off duty.Relax.Time only for yourself, finally and he first day of the another busy week..
It will be about DESIGN packaging and my favourite skincare products.
  Not only healthy food and lifestyle keep your skin glowing and senses relaxed.Spoil yourself with natural treatments and discover their cool packaging design.Since I moved to Australia two years ago  I discover that the 80% of the organics skincare products are Aussie made. Aesop, Jarlique or new VS angel Miranda Kerr's KORA cosmetics are produced from Australian100% natural ingredients.Here like nowhere in the world people are care of the quality of everyday products. Before I discover Australian brands i used to love my home country-Polish treatments such as Ziaja and natural, home made treatments such as honey and fruits based masks, creams and oils . As my granny always said:"Whatever you can eat you can treat your skin with".

Let's start then with face cleaning from one of my favourite .Gentle Gel Cleanser with the BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, Bergamot and Willow Bark decongest the skin, reduce pore size and assist in preventing spot formation. Polyphenols and Mucilages from Cold Pressed Rose Petals fight free radicals, tone and soothe the skin, while Bioactives from Aloe Vera calm and moisturise.

I love this brand for simplicity of design great smell of nature and effects visible on my face and not only! This intensive body cream is a lovely moisturiser specially for the winter time when your skin is dry and stressed.ROSA DAMASCENA, ACAI & POMEGRANATEThis rich body cream is formulated for maximum hydration, helping promote skin firmness, elasticity and collagen synthesis, protecting against premature ageing and maximising the skins natural moisture retention capability.BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pomegranate and Capuacu Butter, rich in polyphenol antioxidants, improve the skins barrier function and promote rapid cell regeneration. Rosa Damascena and Acai Berry abundantly rich in essential fatty acids, omega’s 3 and 6, phytosterols & tocopherol antioxidants, protect cellular membranes from free radicals, maximise skin’s moisture retention levels, boost collagen synthesis, enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.
As a option for daily face cleaning routine L'Eau Soir et Matin*Organic certified cleansing water purifies,softens and tones your skin. Packaging worth check out as well as some other products from /Designers award 2010.Very modern and different.Definitely catching up your eyes and satisfy your senses.
Hair treatment and my favourite for design Melbourne made Aesop rose scalp&hair mask. Aesop designers are coming back to the apothecary roots of packaging design. Minimal and always classy black and white look with a peppery polish . Every of the worldwide Aesop boutiques are differently design with the same interior modern simplicity.Creatives wont let you stop thinking .."Explore.Dream.Discover"Mark Twain, you reading while washing your hands...

Now back to the roots .This Rose facial oil was probably my first date with natural made cosmetics and the old English packaging design, as back to the days blue glass bottles are "remedies"for your bad treated skin. English made Nils Yard Remedies was born in 1981. "We like to think of ourselves as pioneers. Today awareness and interest in natural remedies, skin and body care are on the increase. But when we opened our first shop in Covent Garden, we were one of the few pushing against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and health care that had been adopted by much of the industry. Our vision was to bring the expertise of the apothecary and our holistic approach to health and beauty to local people and their communities."

During my stay in London with Neal's Yard Remedies ambassador couple years ago I tried mostly of the brand treatments and  I learned about the usage and importance of individual herbs and flowers. With more of my Neal's Yard Remedies favourites such as amazing almond moisturiser or natural scened candles go to 

Something Polish and good as my home country producing100% organic and  simple treatments  such as still my favourite for smell and leaving my skin great moisturised Ziaja cocoa body butter.Design isn't that great but product definitely worth trying .

Recently discovered another great Polish made skincare brand simple but with exclusive touch .Proud of my polish friends +for design +for great sugar peel and not only//A unique cleansing and nourishing product in the form of thick paste formulated with fine sugar crystals and enriched with natural peeling particles: strawberry and rose seeds. It ensures safe and highly effective skin cleansing appropriate even for the sensitive skin, without any risk of irritation. Natural and organic active ingredients eliminate dead skin cells and other impurities. After the peeling, the skin can breathe properly, which stimulates the natural renewal and regeneration of the epidermis. A complex of organic extra virgin vegetable oils is a source of natural vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids which nourish, strengthen and gently lubricate the skin. A natural fragrance composition with the dominant note of vanilla and a hint of flowers and green citrus fruits intensifies the cleansing effect of the product.//..Well done .Waiting for seeing you guys all over the world and share INGLOT success 

Jarlique, another Australian brand highly recommend Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator  and Purifying Mask 
for more go to

The Ingredients:Natural, indigenous Australian extracts, such as Desert Lime, Quadong and Wattle noticeably and gentle exfoliate dead surface skin cells.Fruit and Vitamin Extracts help revitalise and smooth skin’s appearance.Sodium Hyaluronate helps balance and retain skin’s moisture level.

Greeks are well known from natural skincare since the times of ...mythology?Greek made -KORRES represents the bests of the old tradition.Company  goal is to develop innovative and clinically effective skincare products based on natural active ingredients; to promote natural ingredients research in relation to skin biochemistry; and to project the unique Greek flora benefits through our cooperations with local farmers, and the production of our brand-own high value organic extracts. . ALMOND & LINSEED NOURISHING HAIR MASK is the best choice for dry and stressed hair .Almond and Linseed extracts combined with Shea butter, help the hair retain its moisture, while increasing its resistance against breakage and split ends. The mask has been developed to also help control static and prevent frizzy hair.Plus for great design check out the simplicyty of the web design as well 

Just discover and tested.Feels great & looks great !On their web site reading"Darwin would surely approve."Another Made in Australia product .Delight package.Created from the Australian's best If you couldnt purchase it here try online but as you can read on the web site"We're able to send Leif pretty much anywhere in the world but for those living outside Australia you might be surprised at the cost involved. Unfortunately it seems competition is not alive and well when freight is departing our shores. Each international order is individually calculated via Australia Post and we apply a discount by reducing the true weight of each product but it still adds up. We'll continue to search for a cheaper alternative. 
Rest assured that all online orders are securely processed by PayPal, for more info on shipping and customer car"

About candles and scents will be another time but for now and for the end of every day- light a candle with your favourite scent and enjoy long bath. I love New Zeland's soy wax candles from can choose from Rose Patchouli & Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange & Jasmine, Lavender, Manuka & Wild Chamomile, Cocoa Vanilla & Cassia, Wild Rose & Vetiver,  Wild Mint & Bergamot my favourite..

Have a great evening !

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