Monday, July 15, 2013


  There is something special in the new Louis Vuitton art collaboration. After Alexander McQueen era we can see more and more "difficult"art comes out from darkness.We are being tired of candy pop culture, plastic perfection, barbie pink-ish look.This is a perfect time and a place for an real art not only insight the gallery walls but outside them, this is a place and time for an artists like English duo and one of my favourite artists nowadays - Chapman Brothers .
 Jake and Dinos Chapman working together as a collaborative sibling duo since 1991,and already enrolled in the register of the most influential artists of the XXI st century shocking and arousing mixed emotions.Well known from the anatomical and pornographic grotesque with a series of mannequins of children, sometimes fused together, with genitalia in place of facial features as well from their sculpture Hell (2000) consisted of a large number of miniature figures of Nazis arranged in nine glass cases laid out in the shape of a swastika. 

Chapman Brothers was  worked with Kim Jones and Louis Vuitton on a capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2013 collection named "The Magic Mountain". This season sees the Vuitton traveller, always journeying both literally and metaphorically, venture to the magical mountains of the Himalayas, particularly to the Kingdom of Bhutan.The snow leopard pattern and motif reoccurs throughout the collection.The figure of the snow leopard (a design commissioned by Louis Vuitton to the Chapman Brothers) also appears on neckties and pocket squares and is given full expression in an intarsia knit sweater.

Kim Jones, new style director of LV about new collaboration: "“I sat down with Jake Chapman and we talked through the idea of a ‘garden in hell’,” says Jones. “This was the phrase Diana Vreeland famously used to describe her apartment. It was something we both responded to, that and all of the unusual animals to be found in the Himalayas.”"

"The designs commissioned to the Chapman Brothers appear in silk and cashmere prints and jacquards in red and navy respectively. These anthropomorphic animals and creatures also feature on accessories, charms and motifs throughout. They appear almost like the Chapman’s own spin on the Buddhist idea of ‘wrathful deities’, fearsome talismanic protectors from evil and a bridge between the natural and supernatural world this season. They are a linking narrative thread throughout, building to the tour de force ‘Garden in Hell’ evening wear finale at the end of the show. Here traditional tailoring shapes and materials of the fifties contribute a literal, masculine heavyweight feel as a counterpoint to the extreme opulence of the ‘Garden in Hell’ motif."(

Photos courtesy of Matthieu Dortomb / Louis Vuitton
Hair : Guido Palau For Redken
Makeup : Peter Philips


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