Tuesday, September 28, 2010

behind the scene

Sometimes a picture taken for no reason turns out to be the most hit.Because no one poses.Because the model does not know that you just doing her picture and this is the moment when the photographer is  tete a tete with a model.

Monday, September 27, 2010


what is the best moment of the day?
working under lights at night.

certainly you notice how women are dressing,
do you have any preferences?

it depends - my tastes change with the times.
every decade women’s bodies seem to be different.
I like haute couture,
today everybody looks the same around the world
... in sneakers and jeans.

what kind of clothes do you avoid wearing?
stilettos (laughs).

when you were a child, did you want to become
a photographer?

in 1936 I arranged to have myself thrown out of school
as a hopeless pupil.
I wanted to be a paparazzo.

do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors?
everywhere, but not in a studio.

describe your style, like a good friend of yours would
describe it.

if I have really nothing to do,
I start spinning a tale for myself, which is one of
the most pleasant ways of spending time.
my pictures are like a story that has no beginning,
no middle, and no end.

do you prefer black and white photography?
I shoot both color and black-and-white film.
you never know.

can you describe an evolution in your work from your
first projects to the present day?

to have taboos, then to get around them - that's interesting.
looking back at my old fashion photographs I wonder :
how the hell did I have the courage to go through all these
complications ?

over the course of your artistic career,
you've been called a lot of things: sexist, visionary...
did you ever worked for a porno magazine?

I was a contributor for playboy for about twenty years.
my work was even too risky for playboy.
they asked me - please do something for us
… but nothing as kinky as what you do for french vogue'.

any advice for the young?
there are two dirty words in photography; one is 'art',
and the other is 'good taste'.
beauty is intellect.
and glamour has nothing to do with money.


One of my favorite photographers, and if someone asked me who I would like to meet, who i admire -my answer always will  be the same-Newton.Someone can say-evident,I can tell maybe- but i  grew up on his photography and he taught me how to look at a woman that SHE has been always sexy .Unfortunately he passed away January 23, 2004
Remembering Helmut Newton

Sunday, September 26, 2010

my people


 Sunday lazy summer day .Budapest 2010

La Rambla 2010

 I sat on a bench in the center of Barcelona,there I met this little boy

 La Rambla
 Homeless.La Rambla 2010
 Together or separately?
 I like to photograph children .They are always natural and have something which, with age passes away
 Invisible to the eye
Little girl.Budapest
                                            Justyna Chrabelska.Fashion designer

Little girl.Rome

 Homeless.Campo di Fiori
On the beach.Mykonos



Some English tourist /Mykonos

Little girl 



Ewa Maisner- one of the favorite models ysl


Theatre actress

Ewa Maisner with her son

little girl/Rome

Son of Ewa


Couple at-pool /Milan

Rome in some cafe  Campo di Fiori

little girl in Łazienki park/Warsaw

Jumping children/Budapest

Teresa/Warsaw Poland

Afterparty girl/Greece


Girls at the hotel.Between shoots


When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph. 

Broken angel
Mariusz Treliński



 Train people
 Mariusz Treliński during interrogation at the National Theatre

 After long day in Rome
 Iza Janachowska .Dancer.During our shoots summer 2009
 Ewa with her son 
Blue elephant
 street musicians

 On the street.London
baby girl Amsterdam

Zuza /My early childhood equipped me really well for my portrait work: The quick encounter, where you are not going to know the subject for very long. These days I am much more comfortable with the fifteen minute relationship, than I am with a life long relationship

Teresa during the shoots for malemen magazine
 Couple Milan
Mary and Joanna my friends and twin sisters

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.