Sunday, October 3, 2010


No one sees the same way.Nobody is the same,it's obvious .In the times of general blinding is so important to see more than everyone can see.It's important to search and feel.Photography isn't just a copy of reality,you should participate in it and remember that the camera it's only a tool-artificial eye.I tested camera on myself because we know themselves perfectly and it was my beginning .In my archive is a few thousand self-portraits which I've made in recent years.Every day I try to see myself-what I want, how mood I have, if I'm happy or if I'm sad- I always try to catch it in the picture.I like to make a pictures of people I know, than you see more-because more you know-and accurately identify the moment at which a person stop to pose and it's just him selves.It's the most important thing, because there isn't an art to make a picture of clothes-I mean commercial photography in which the count is above all the original styling, flawless make-up, well-arranged hair. And now the question- What's missing here?-
P E R S O N A L I T Y.And each single personality it's amazing,in each you can find something special .You should just open your eyes widely and carefully listen to what a person has to say.One of my favorite quotes for the end-"Perhaps for the world you're only human, but for some people you are the world."-G.G.M


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