Friday, September 24, 2010

α NEX-5 with 18-55mm Lens

Last BEFORE 9 I did by new SONY camera-NEX-5K

Excellent detail from 14-megapixel sensor
High resolution, tilting LCD
Good kit lenses (see Cons about corner softness, distortion and CA)
Very good exposure accuracy outdoors
Stereo audio recording
Still has good heft despite light weight
Comfortable to hold despite small size
Magnesium alloy body looks sharp, feels great
Good grip
Dual card format slot
Detachable flash included
Autofocus, aperture adjustment, and image stabilization are virtually silent:Zero impact on movie audio tracks
HDMI-out port
Instant-on Movie Record button
Snappy overall performance

Camera is noisy when shooting Panorama, HDR, and other multi-frame modes
Bundled external flash is short, so large lenses and even the kit lens's lens hood cast shadows on the subject
CIPA battery life rating is decent, but live display, continuous focus, and video recording make for short life in practice
Very audible click in audio track at the end of every movie, from the button-press that ends recording
Battery charges very slowly
No ability to trim movies in-camera
Confusing menu system
No user control of aperture, shutter speed or ISO during video recording
No wireless flash support
Proprietary lens mount with limited selection of autofocus lenses
Auto-exposure struggled in very low-light
Weak NR setting shows more chroma noise, but smears detail in Still Life red fabric
Macro images are soft from the 18-55mm lens
Extreme corners are soft from both kit lenses
Moderately high levels of chromatic aberration and geometric distortion at wide-angle

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